A customer focused website for a health care service that has incresed its traffic by 78%


Raveco medical, a state of the art medical facility thatwanted to enhance their online media presence for which they asked Amaxza digital to design a new website for them. Their old website was non-responsive and ranks low in terms of keywords and design. se of heavy web development techniques have left the website a laggard in terms of loading time which definitley puzzles the visitor who wants to find and reserve time with a doctor of their choice


Amaxza Digital provided Raveco with a completely revamped website. A new design with improved navigation area and unique web content provided much needed life to the website along with a CMS, to manage and update web content periodically. The websitei s also integrated with a user management system that allows the user to make their account on the website and login by using this account later where they can choose a doctor, reserve an appointment, upload their prescriptions, and can even get back to their doctors if the need arises. The design and development technology used in the making of the new webite has decreased the web loading time by folds.


Soon after the new site is designed and deployed, Raveco experienced 30% rise in monthly web traffic. Patient listings on the CMS increased by by 8%, physicians listings increased by 4% and the overall patient turnover at the clinic increased by whopping 17%.

In Their Words

Clean, crisp, precise and very user friendly. We love our new website design. Totally satisfied with the quality of our project and recommend this service to everyone!

Dr. Steven Ravins, Raveco Medical

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