Essential website design elements that you should not ignore for your business

Mar, 2014

With the advent of internet and related technologies one business that have boomed to unimaginable heights is website designing. Today, more and more people are acquiring design education and making their careers in website designing. Businesses also, all over the globe are opting for websites to build a profound presence on the online world. What business owner fail to understand at most time is that their website and design elements should portray and extend their business identity, however too many website designs that we see these days lack the basic element of ‘sync’ and hence fail to communicate to the visitors the true essence of the business and its value proposition.

Now there are certain basic questions that you need to answer to yourself before stat getting design your website. What elements should you website contain? Through these elements what is your motive to attain? What is the overall objective of having your website design? Is that you want more customers through your website or will it only serve as a link to your physical office location? These and many more question are due answers before the design process starts. Ones you are done with these questions you also need to figure out who could be the best possible designer for your website and how this designer benefit can you through his designs.

The criteria of a good website design depend upon the person designing it and its purpose. Having said that, there are also some basic conventions that you must follow to ensure that your newly formed website serves the purpose for which your business is existing. Also, that your website is portable to number of devices that are popular these days as people surf the internet from a number of devices and it is strongly suggested that your website opens up and runs seamlessly on all these handheld devices.

Here are some parameters that you must keep in consideration when getting your website designed:

Easy flow of information

remember, people come to your website for one sole purpose, to take information about your business and product offering. Through your website design you need to make the flow of information easier instead of complicating it. Keep it simple, no need to hide critical info in a mix of graphic colors and hues. Keeping your website design in line with your brand personality is the key and there should be proper spacing between two frames for the eyes to breadth in between.

User friendly interface

your website design should be customized as per your target market. Design interface should be simple enough that even the most novices of users understand it immediately. Key: if you consider yourself a user while testing, you will be able to do better!

A decent about us page

a visitor is always curious to know more about you and your business offerings. A clearly devised about us page not only serves this purpose but is also the first key point where you visitor decides to stay and further drills for info or leave your web page.

Alluring visuals & fonts

They say, what look good tastes good. We say what good works looks even better. Studies have shown that users spend more time in attaining info on web pages that have visually captivating design and clearly written fonts used in them. A visual convey more than words and with the use of proper visuals, colors and typography you can definitely lure in your audience to your page and eventually landing with leads and prospects for your business, but make sure the visuals you use do not make your webpage heavy, as nothing irritates a user than a loading icon blinking.

A short summary of the above mentioned info is that your website should contain captivating design and clearly written typography. The lesser load time the better along with an easy flow of information and easy info acquisition from pages will make your website perform better.

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