Surprise your valentine with these top 5 android apps

Feb, 2016

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and love is in the air, everywhere. But the interesting thing that has happened this valentine’s day is the availability of a range of android valentine apps which are here to make your day just a little bit more special. S, this valentine’s day deviate from the traditional routes and provide your loved one something that they will truly love. An android app development done keeping in view the sweetness of love and serenity of being with your loved one, here are the top 5 apps for Valentine’s Day that you must try.

Where's my Valentine

The two characters; Swampy and Perry need your love this Valentine’s Day. Where’s my valentine is a game app developed by Disney that involves two characters, Swampy and Perry. It involves guiding water to Swampy’s shower that he loves to take, and use its different forms like ice, steam and liquid to solve puzzles for Perry and help him return to the headquarters. After scoring more than 50,000,000 downloads and some good reviews on the Play Store, Where’s my Valentine ranks number 1 on our list of valentine apps. It’s a free game and anyone who is fond of solving puzzles that involves a lot of colors and music can download it.

Valentine's Day Special

This app is more of an informative app than a functional one as it helps you in deciding what you could do for your loved one this valentine’s day. It provides you quick examples of romanticisms messages and love poems along with offering you love horoscope, ringtones and even recipe suggestions for sweet dishes to make your romantic day a special one.

Valentine's Greetings HD/Wallpapers

Valentine’s Greeting HD and wallpapers raks third on our list and is by far the most feature rich valentine’s app we have been to. This app allows you to send high quality greetings in multiple formats like e-mail, sms, Face Book greetings and other social networks. You can also set wallpapers as per your likings on your Android mobile phone with the help of this app. The good thing about this app is that its free and anyone can download it.

Love Globe

This app features several cute items in snow globes made of glass. This app allows you to send attractive romantic designs and valentine sceneries to your valentine in form of greeting cards which serves as an appropriate virtual gift for your loved one. Multiple purposes of these cards are specified within the app which can be dating, relationship, wedding or even a marriage proposal.

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