Now enjoy Apple Music on your Android phone

Feb, 2016

Good news for Apple Music lovers. It has finally made its way to the Android universe. The arrival of the music app on Android came a few months after it was launched on iOS. The mobile application development sector has already marched miles ahead in terms of users and business and the launch of Apple Music for Android phone is Apple's trick to capture the Android user base.

Through this app, android users will be able to access the catalog of Apple Music and also listen to Beats 1 radio. Initially the app will let the users enjoy it free, for a period of three months but after the free trial ends, there will be a monthly subscription fee to be paid. Objections and praises were however attached to the usage of Apple music for Android which you must note is a Beta version and that it also misses some key features that makes it great on iOS. Without the music video display capabilities, Android users will miss out on watching some of the music videos exclusive for Apple music on their android phones. On iOS this feature has proved to be the major success magnet for the Apple Music app and without it, how successful the Android Music Beta will be is still a question to answer. Moreover, the Android app does not come with features that can be termed exclusive for the Android phone users.

Another option that is missing on the Beta version is the family tie that is available on the app for iOS. In order to get it, according to one of the Apple's spokesperson, android users will have to get access to a Mac or iPad in order ot sign up for memberships and updates essentially speaking the user will have to get an iOS based phone, precisely an iPhone for such purpose, clearly this idea is not going ot make Android users happy. Happy customers might desire an app that is native to android and does not lacks functionalities unlike of the version now.

But what we can predict accurately is that this move of Apple will definitely allow it to tap a bigger and untouched market of its rival Spotify; which is the Apple Music alternative for Android users.Tim Cook, Apple CEO revealed recently that Apple Music has crossed the paid users base of 6.5 million subscribers and that another 8.5 million subscribers are using the free three month trial of the Apple music Beta for android. Should the android app takes off, the number of Apple Music users is going to increase dramatically. In order to use this app, android users must be using a phone with an OS not older than 4.3. Stay tuned for more updates upon the two arch-rivals in the mobile application development industry.

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Now enjoy Apple Music on your Android phone

Post by: Michael Thomson