What expectations should you build up with the New Samsung Galaxy S7?

Jan, 2016

Rumor has it that the globally famous producer of top of the line smart phones, Samsung is all set to release its flagship Galaxy S7 sometime in Feb this year. Recently it is witnessed that Samsung is unveiling its Flagship Galaxy S series phone in the MWC and releasing them shortly after, which is held in dates 22-25 Feb each year, but if we follow the preceding year's trend, the date will most likely be Feb 21, 2016 for the release of Galaxy S7.

The South Korean electronics giant has been an undisputed kind for the smart phone industry but it faced a major dip in sales and popularity as Apple launched its iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The large screened iPhones stole away share of customers form Samsung and trimmed its profits. But Samsung is all set to steal the show again with the launch of S7. Here are the features that one should expect from the Galaxy S7:

A probable pressure sensitive screen:

A major innovation was the Force touch technology that Apple introduced in the iPhone 6s in 2015. This technology can tell you how hard you are pressing on the screen, initially executed on the Apple Watch and MacBook and later made its way to the iPhone.

According to sources Samsung is now considering to introduce pressure sensitive display in the New S7, isn't confirmed form the officials though but the speculation has it.

Expect a not so different outlook:

News has it that the new device will look similar to the S6 series. Since the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge did well in the market and that the new launch is set not too far away from its predecessors therefore expect only cosmetic changes in the design of Galaxy S7. On one side where the user can be disappointed with the not so distinct look of S7, android app development companies are happy as they do not have to innovate much with their designs for the new device.

Expect Magnesium sides:

Finally with the release of S6 Samsung was able to say good bye to the cheap plastic feel that is long associated with the brand's image. Leaving behind further the cheap feel, Samsung is all set to introduce Magnesium alloy sides in the new Galaxy S7, which is said to strengthen the device along with giving a stronger feel to the user.

Expect high speed charging and retina scanning:

Sources have confirmed the high speed charging feature to be included. Due to a USB Type-C port, users will now be able to charge the device faster. Full battery in as low as 30 minutes and along with fast charging another milestone has been achieved by Samsung as it is all geared up to include retina scanning technology in the S7. The scanning will offer a biometric method for unlocking the phones. So in order to unlock your phone, you got to have those eyes!

Expect the sales by March 2016:

The new Galaxy S7 will feature the latest OS from Android; Marshmallow M and the sales are most likely to kick off in March, as this is the time when the previous models of the company's flagship have been put up for sale. Reports have it that by the launch of S7, Samsung is going to throw away its best shot upon taking back its market share and sales figures from Apple.

So, here was a wrap of what should we expect from the new Galaxy S7. Let's wait till the device is officially out and what it has to offer to the general user.

Image source: Forbes

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