Killer iOS update can lead to a steep decline in iPhone 6 sales

Feb, 2016

A recent iOS update has literally rendered thousands of iPhone 6 useless. After the installation of the latest iOS update many iPhone users claimed in recent events that their phones were permanently disabled because the latest update has detected a repair that was carried by a non-Apple technician.

The problem is trending with the name of "Error 53" these days among the tech circles. Whilst Apple’s motive is security with the Error 53 issue however users and specialist are calling it a killer for your iPhone.

This issues seems to be affecting handsets of whose the home button, which has touch ID fingerprint recognition built in, has been repaired by a technician who is not native to Apple Inc. Some cases were also reported by customers whose phones were damaged but not to the extent of requiring a fix or they continued using it without having to get it fixed due to whatsoever reasons.

The problem surfaced when the latest update of iOS 9 came to users. After successfully installing the update, numerous phones experienced a sudden death with the display of Error 53. Any and every data is lost and the damage done is irreversible. Many tech experts have claimed that Apple Inc knew about the problem earlier but they made absolutely zero efforts to inform their users about the issue that will cease their handset completely.

Searching Google for Error 53 will reveal numerous users reporting that they were left with a phone that is apparently of no use than a very expensive paperweight after they have installed the latest update of the iOS.

A latest discussion of Apple threads states when a user reports about his phone falling down and continue to work until he installed the latest update when suddenly error 53 appeared on the screen and the phone was bricked. It was cleared to him in the replies that error 53 was actually a hardware defect that renders your phone completely dead when it encounters a counterfeit touch id which can be a result of a repair that was done earlier by a non-Apple-technician.

Tech geniuses are referring this move to be Apple’s tactic to counter profit losses by authorizing only few to repair the phone, therefore the customers will have to look for an Apple authorized technician to have their phones fixed and naturally this will cost them a lot than what a normal repair men could have charged them.

When contacted, a spokes woman for Apple described the issue as an increased security check for Apple Users. She stated that the finger print data is uniquely joint with the touch ID sensor which is validated. But when an unauthorized person repairs the phone or changes the home button censor the validation fails. Without the validation done successfully malicious software can have access to the secure enclave and can cause immeasurable damages. As a result to counter this issue, Apple has provided the hardware detection and lock feature most commonly known as the Error 53 to the world which locks your phone as soon as it detects a non validated spare part or that the pairing fails. She further added that if any person faces the irreversible Error 53 being displayed, they should contact Apple support immediately. The issue has caused a wave of anxiety among the iPhone app development company as it will get hard for them to test apps with different sets of components in the future.

Having a clear picture of what was Apple’s stance over the introduction of a hardware protection regime was which apparently turned out to be a killer for the phones of many users, there lays a strong probability that this error could result in a steep decline of Apple’s sales. A further check on this issue after sometime will reveal the true picture of what is going to happen. Till then, make sure you do not get your phone repaired from an UN-authorized person or buy it from shops other than Apple dealers, or a mere software update could drown the entire amount of money you have spent on your phone.

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