Important user interface features for web applications

Aug, 2014

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The appearance and functionality of elements are of crucial importance in your web application and for its success scores. In today’s world it is vital to follow the best practices for user interface design with a keen focus on user friendliness of your web app. Today’s users have become increasingly tech savvy and could possibly not find their way around in a poorly designed and developed web application. In order to make your web applications stand out from the crowd you need to make sure that your applications are of highest levels in terms of both user interface and user experience design.

Following is the list of factors that we will be going through so that the next time you decides of having an app of your own, the user experience of your newly developed web application would be both rewarding and intuitive for the users.

Simple and easy to find interface –

The first, foremost and the most important factors to bear in mind while getting your web app developed is that the interface should be simple and easy. With simplicity we meant that the payout should be clean where the desired information is easy to find and important features are well highlighted.

Prominent CTA (call to action) buttons –

There are certain actions that you want your user to do when he/she visits your web application. You can induce them to take a desired action by putting CTA buttons on your web app. The most common examples of CTA buttons are signup buttons, subscribe buttons and so on. These CTAs should be placed in a prominent location on the web app where the users could easily see them along with being followed by an info upon which the user would want to click on the CTA button. In order to highlight the CTA button on your web app, you might include a mouse hover effect on the button in order for easy visibility.

Element separation –

It is of crucial importance that information is separated decently on your web application. For apps that contain a lot of text, it might get difficult for the designers to manage the content, in such cases it is suggested that the text should be separated with the help of fine, light colored lines, because if the line color is dark or flashy, the visitor will get easily distracted and it would be difficult for him to concentrate on the content of the website.

Simple signup forms –

You must have noticed upon numerous newly created websites that he signup forms are getting slimmer and simpler. Earlier this lead generating process used to fetch more details from the user which in return turns out to be a bad move to focus on, as the visitors were not interested in investing time to provide their info and at times it gets frustrating too. Therefore now, more and more companies are focusing on simple forms that ask only the most relevant information from the client upon which he could be contacted on. This tactic has definitely increased the lead generating process for many businesses globally.

Real time updates -

With the evolving role of social networking sites, users now want to see the latest news or the ‘real-time’ newsfeed, which essentially provides updates about the current happenings in your website application. For designers, it has become mandatory to provide the users with a real-time update feature section, where users are able to view the recent updates.

Advertising and promotion –

Since the competition is fierce in the current times, it is of crucial importance that your website reaches to as many prospects as possible and in order to do so, website builders include widgets/options for the user to like, share and talk about a certain post on your web or about the entire website on the all. This leads to positive image building and word of mouth for your brand.

The factors mentioned above are the most important to be kept in view while having your website application made. If a business owner keeps a keen eye on their inclusion in his website, chances are there will be 10% more traffic and lead generation done through this website than the rest.

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Important user interface features for web applications

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