All you need to know about the new LG G5

Mar, 2016

The much awaited signature phone of Samsung; the Galaxy S7 was finally revealed in the mobile World conference 2016 in Barcelona, Spain where the Korean flagship has yet again claimed the android market by featuring the best and unique features in the signature series. The two main rivals in the smart phone industry are Samsung and Apple but in the Mobile World Congress the big surprise came when LG launched its radical new G5.


The LG G5 is definitely here to challenge Apple and Samsung for their flagship brands. With its impressive Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB RAM it does match the speed of the Galaxy S7. LG G5 flaunts a 5.3 inch IPS quantum screen that is slightly smaller than its predecessor the LG G4, but it is still larger than the Galaxy S7.

Camera and battery

The actual surprise is the G5’s dual rear-facing cameras; 16 MP standard and 8MP for wide angle photographs which clearly overshadows the S7’s single rear facing 12 MP camera, but the only thing that the Galaxy S7 holds better than the G5 is the 3000 mAH battery which is 200 mAH larger than that of G5’s.

Hardware specs

The new LG G5 features the latest Snapdragon processor that is a powerhouse in itself. Furthermore the display is classier than any of the latest iPhones in the market. Both the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 6S mounts a 12 MP camera, but the 16 MP along with dual 8MP is more superior and versatile than the competition.

Modular design

LG G5 comes with a one of its kind modular design, which means that many of its elements that are attachable modules called Friends, actually expands the functionality of the phone by folds. It also features a small key on its side that pops open the lower section to accept accessory peripherals.

The G5 also offers a larger grip along with camera buttons designed in a way that makes single handed photography really easy. It also comes with a physical shutter button, dedicated video recording and dial switch for camera zooming purposes.

All in all LG G5 is yet another contender that is going to shift the market of smart phones. The features that the Korean player has successfully pulled off are definitely commendable and we could only hope to see more advancement in the industry offerings very soon. The challenge is now shifted to mobile app development companies to abreast them with newer techniques and ideas for mobile apps that is going t further glorify the usage of such smart phones.

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All you need to know about the new LG G5

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