5 advancing technologies that are set to revolutionize content marketing in 2016

Feb, 2016

Content marketing is one of the ever changing fields in today’s world. As soon as a content marketer starts getting comfortable with a certain pattern of work, it is usually a sign that something is requiring a change. If you keep following the same rules, same style and same topics to run our content marketing campaigns than you will most definitely land into stagnation that might lead to you creating non-interesting content for your marketing campaigns.

With the start of 2016, the pace of content marketing and advancements in it has been fast. Thanks to my experience of a digital marketer, I can intelligently predict about the technologies that are soon to revolutionize content marketing with credit to those companies who are announcing them. So, be prepared to take advantage from the following innovative features that are about to turn the world of content marketing upside down for you:

instant articles

Instant articles are here for moths, but most people are considering them as a trial period for something big. Instant articles can be purely embedded in Facebook and shows on your News-Feed only without pointing out to any other outer site. Technology advancement similar to this one can lead to accessing of completely in-app data with no need of pointing user to some outer website. Due to this, the user data on websites will lessen and in-app availability could be the only means left to reach to new users through content marketing, which will definitely open new avenues to be thought upon for digital marketing scenario. It can be both beneficial and harmful for any brand at the same time depending upon its target market and their influences along with buying behaviors.

augmented reality

Another phenomenal advancement that is set to revolutionize our content marketing strategies is the augmented reality and visual content. For instance Oculus, which is the prototype and is owned by Facebook is one of the biggest influencers in the virtual reality and content marketing app. A full release of Oculus Rift which will be available on March 28, 2016 which will presumably try and make virtual reality the mainstream means of content marketing. Another important media for content marketing which is about to make headlines is the visual content in mobile app design. Videos are easy to produce and makes an engaging form of information sharing and commuting media for marketers and with Facebook’s interest in virtual reality, we can be sure that a ton of VR related content will be pushed towards consumers which can be an exciting new opportunity for content marketers but it will also going to be a challenge as video and VR still remains UN-tested for a wider market segment, which can prove it to be a short lived trend.

Advertising on social media is not a new thing; however my point to include social advertising here is that due to the increasing eCommerce style of advertisements now done on social media, will only create more spaces and avenues for content marketers. Social media is among the primary means of marketing content and building audience through it, therefore social media platforms will only evolve into hybrid e-commerce platforms where content marketers may have to find newer ways to capture and engage their audience in order to keep benefiting in the long run.

improvements in live stream

The hiking popularity of live streaming apps like Meerkat, Twitch and Periscope in 2015, the popularity of live streaming itself is becoming a norm so much so that social media giants like Facebook is now attempting to have their own streaming features for their apps. As the media begins to gain momentum, so will the audience, and as the demand of live content will increase, content marketers will have to come up with more convincing pieces of content for streaming videos and live event coverage.

search engine algorithms

Organic results acquisition is the one most important element and the cause for many content marketers for being in the field. After the last weeks report about Alphabets (Google's Parent) who happen to inform about the eye popping earning figures the company executives are now shifting their interest towards the taking up machine learning and artificial intelligence for future. Already, a large number of search queries are handled by an artificial intelligence system known as "Rank Brain" and the future for AI machines looks prominent in this circumstance. From the bird's eye view the change looks like it will not affect the organic result algorithm much, but on the core of it we are actually moving into an era of content that will be read by machines and therefore it will eventually get harder for content marketers to find out a lucrative formula that will pinpoint results for them.

Preparing for all the above mentioned technologies is inevitable. If as content marketers you want to make your mark and score desired results both in terms of organic rankings and sales, you need to keep abreast and running along the difficult fine lines set by technology for us. Remember, higher the risk, higher the return will be.

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5 advancing technologies that are set to revolutionize content marketing in 2016

Post by: Michael Thomson